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@heyitsrubes  "I first fell in love with the brand after learning about the meaning and story behind the name Shike, which means ‘moment’ in Mandarin."

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@yongpeiee   "It looks so classy and stylish especially with the refined details. Love the idea of having a quick release spring bar at the strap for easy interchangeable purposes."

@ashlyntanggg   "I love it. So pretty!"

@charlenewongsy   "SHIKE Unique London watch match my everyday’s outfit the most, it’s with a mixture of stainless steel and brown color to create a classic–chic look. This is a fashion watch that you would want to have one."

@heyitsjia_   "The black strap wears well and feels very comfortable on my wrist 👍🏻 and I like how it pairs with the classic cuff in silver which completed the perfect minimalistic look."