Our Story

Shike was founded with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective which is to offer luxury Swiss movement watch with revolutionary price. Most of the business idea starts with a problem. Ours too and it was pretty straight forward. We were engineers working in Malaysia. Monthly salary drawn every month is comparably low and luxury watches become unreachable to many of us. Surprisingly, it turns out that there was a simple explanation on our sufferings. The selling price is far much higher than it supposed to be caused by high marketing, distribution and retailing fees and extraordinary high profit margin for watchmakers. 

Shike was established to provide alternative.

Shike in Chinese means “Our Moment”. For us and all other watch collectors, it simply means this is our revolutionary moment to stop watchmakers reaping artificially high profit from us. We circumvent traditional way of doing and provide luxury and yet affordable watches. We believe luxury watch should be made affordable to everyone. There should be unique, stylist, reliable and affordable. Everyone has the right to own a luxury watch that didn’t leave their wallets bare.

 Our aim is super simple. Elegant watch, affordable price.